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50mm White Underfloor staples (hand press)
180KW Kroll Waste oil boiler complete with boiler, burner, external fuel delivery system, 4 meters single wall flue
40mm Hunter Swivel P Trap
40mm Hunter Tubular Swivel P Trap Adjustable
AQUAPRO RS25/6 EAA 4 - 6 meter head "A" rated Pump 130mm
Gree Tosot 8.2 KW Monobloc Heat Pump 410A

The Best in Plumbing Supplies

The Heating Warehouse is one of the UK's leading online plumber merchants and we provide plumbing supplies to the UK’s vast network of plumbers. We provide products of only the best quality and best prices to ensure that plumbers can run their businesses to the highest standards while still making profit. We know the importance of choosing the correct merchants for your products, which is why we ensure that your plumbing supplies and products are always of the highest quality. Read More

Online Plumbing Supplies:

The Heating Warehouse has recently increased its online presence, which means that we can now ensure fantastic UK plumbing supplies across the nation with ease. Our online store offers you plumbing and heating supplies, shower accessories, water filtration systems and more to ensure that everything on your list of UK plumbing supplies can be found. With our online plumbing supplies, you no longer need to drive to the store to choose your plumbing products. Our online plumbing supplies are proving extremely popular and you can now choose the best products from the comfort of your home.

Top Notch Plumber Merchants:

We pride ourselves on being the best plumber merchants in the business. There may be many plumber merchants throughout the UK, but with our quality products, great prices, fantastic staff and in-house expertise, we can proudly state that we are the best plumber merchants in the UK.

UK Plumbing Supplies:

In the UK, using the correct plumbing supplies is extremely important. Due to the importance of plumbing in our UK homes, it is equally, if not more, important for plumbers to get the best UK plumbing supplies available. As mentioned above, we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge as plumber merchants and always make sure that our clients choose the correct gear for the task at hand. To learn more about our UK plumbing supplies please look through our website, give us a call or drop in store to say hi. Read Less

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REMS Tools ... Fantastic Plumbing Supplies
REMS Tools ... Fantastic Plumbing Supplies
July 25, 2016 By: admin
REMS have been developing plumbing supplies since their foundation in 1909. These plumbing supplies include products for pipe working, especially for heating and sanitary i ...
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