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REMS have been developing plumbing supplies since their foundation in 1909. These plumbing supplies include products for pipe working, especially for heating and sanitary installers. Initially they manufactured hand tools. As plumbing supplies became more advanced, they subsequently made electric power tools and machines as well. REMS founder Chrisitian Foll created the benchmark for the company ... REMS must be superior ... and this can be seen throughout all of their plumbing supplies. ...Read More

Plumbing supplies UK: Product feature Augusta Solar vacuum tubes AS 100 HP12

Plumbing Supplies UK

Your Favourite Products:

Augusta Solar vacuum tubes AS 100 HP8, HP12 and HP16

A highly selective coating ensures optimal use of energy in diverse UK weather conditions.

When looking for plumbing supplies in the UK, plumbers often choose this product, as the highly transparent borosilicate glass is less than 3mm thick and is shatter proof to hail. The resilient glass surface ensures reliable high light transmission. The smooth surfac ...Read More

Plumbing Supplies: Our Bestselling Pumps This Month?

At The Heating Warehouse we provide professional plumbing supplies for all of your heating and plumbing needs. In this feature, we will tell you about some of our most popular plumbing supplies, pumps for dirty water and freshwater pumps. Let us take a look at our two most popular pumps this month.

Our Top Plumbing Supplies:

Dirty Water Pumps:

Manufactured in Italy. Flotec Biox 200/8 Auto Dirty Water Pump 40mm discharge outlet connection at 283 litres pe ...Read More


Why Quality Plumbing Supplies Are Important

Heating and Plumbing supplies are the essential to every plumbers work. Yes, you can be a great plumber. Yes, you can have fantastic training. Yes, you might be nifty with your own tools. Realistically though, none of that really matters if your heating and plumbing supplies don't fit the bill.

Importance of Plumbing Supplies

...Read More

Key Benefits of Water Filtration Systems to Your Home

Water filtration systems have become popular in UK in the past 2 decades. Before this, water filtration systems were something that would rarely come to mind. This changed for a number of reasons, however. The main reason for this is the importance of clean water, as unfiltered water can be 'dirty' and can potentially carry things that could prove hazardous to your health and the health of your family. Water filtration systems are of huge benefit to your home and liste ...Read More

3 Reasons Why Choosing the Best Heating and Plumbing Supplier is Vital for You:

Choosing a heating and plumbing merchant may not be something that pops into the minds of many people. That being said, if you are in the plumbing industry, you understand the importance of ensuring that you choose the best heating and plumbing merchant possible. This for a number of reasons, but we have 3 main reasons why choosing the correct heating and plumbing merchant is important. We can help you!

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Service/Expertise


The Importance of Choosing the Correct Heati ...Read More

Hydra Filtration unit

Hydra Filtration unit complete 1" connections TRIO RAH The Hydra Filtration unit comes with a three stage filtration system and is available in a number of various options. It has a self cleaning pre filter cartridge for removing sediment and small stones, a 90 micron stainless steel net AISI 316 cartridge and finally an activated carbon 10 micron filter designed to remove odours and bad tastes. Various cartridges can be used with the large 10" housings. All components are designed for use with water to a maximum temperatur ...Read More

50KW Kroll Waste oil boiler

158KW Kroll Waste oil boiler

50KW Kroll multi fuel waste oil boiler

At a time of rising fuel costs, the Kroll universal/waste oil boiler, which can burn nearly all vegetable, animal, conventional and waste oil, will save you money. It provides you with flexibility in choosing your preferred fuel source. Does not include air compressor which ...Read More

REMS 230V mini press tool

REMS 230V mini press tool (suitable for 16, 20, 25 and 32mm tongs) 1 REMS 230V mini press tool (suitable for 					<a href=...Read More

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