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REMS have been developing plumbing supplies since their foundation in 1909. These plumbing supplies include products for pipe working, especially for heating and sanitary installers. Initially they manufactured hand tools. As plumbing supplies became more advanced, they subsequently made electric power tools and machines as well. REMS founder Chrisitian Foll created the benchmark for the company ... REMS must be superior ... and this can be seen throughout all of their plumbing supplies. In fact, we live by the same motto at The Heating Warehouse. By this standard REMS have become a leading manufacturer of plumbing supplies, tools and machines for pipe working.

How REMS Stay On Top In the Plumbing Supplies Industry

REMS maintain their position at the forefront of technical development as a result of its innovative plumbing products, holding several national and international patents.

Let us Look at Two Popular REMS Plumbing Supplies:


REMS Curvo 32mm Electric Forming Tool

Plumbing Supplies
  • Compact electric plumbing supply for cold bending tubes and pipes up to 180 degrees.
  • For trade and industry, for building site and workshop.
  • Electric pipe and tube bender, wrinkle free bending.
  • Operation speed can be set to fast or creep for precise bending.
  • Supports a quick change of bending and back formers.
  • Instant use without the need for settings.
  • Hard, half-hard, soft copper tubes, coated soft copper tubes, stainless steel tubes of press fitting systems, coated steel tubes of press fitting system, soft precision steel tubes, steel pipes, electric conduit, multi-layer composite tubes.


REMS Mini Press ACC Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing Supplies UK Plumbing Supplies
  • Pressing tongs for all common press fitting systems.
  • Cordless radial press fantastic addition to plumbing supplies.
  • Automatic circuit control.
  • Retracts automatically after completion of pressing operation.
  • Small, light and handy.
  • Battery or mains operated.
  • Pressing tongs lock automatically.
  • Crimps securely in seconds.

With plumbing supplies like these, it is no wonder that REMS have maintained their position at the top of the plumbing supplies industry.

We are proud to stock their fantastic products in our stores.

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