Bypass Module (optional)

AquaAir E-500 / E-700 units have bypass ventilation as an optional extra.

During bypass ventilation, no heat transfer occurs between exhaust and fresh air stream.

In transition periods and at nights in summer, bypass module helps to cool down (free-cooling) and heat up (free-heating) the building without any energy expense.


Heat Recovery Exchanger

AquaAir E-500 / E-700 heat recovery ventilation units have a plastic counterflow, high efficiency heat recovery exchangers.

Heat recovery exchangers have plates that create large surface areas to provide high efficiency.

With the optimisation of the exchanger the heat transfer area is increased and the pressure drop is decreased.


AquaAir Basic Control Panel

The standard panel that is proided with the unit has 3 buttons that perform all the main functions and has 4 led warning lights to monitor the status of the unit.



High corrosion resistive 200 gr/m² galvanize coated steel is used for the casing. The case of the unit is electrostatically powder coated. Non-flammable EPS modules are used for directing the air flow homogeneously. Density of EPS is 40 kg/m³.


Supply and Exhaust Air Fans

The fans in the heat recovery units are equipped with innovative Electronically Commutated EC motor technology. EC motors are highly efficient and utilise simple speed control. The fan blades have high aerodynamic efficiency backward curved design. The use of EC motors reduces the energy consumption and increases the energy efficiency of the unit.


Supply and Exhaust Air Filters

To increase indoor air quality and to protect the equipment, G class filters (according to EN 779 standard) are used for both exhaust and supply air streams. F class filters can be also used optionally in the unit. F class filters reduce the available static pressure of the unit for the nominal air flow rate.

AquaAir E-500 Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit 370m³

  • Energy Savings

    • Reduces up to 90% of the energy required to condition fresh air to a building
    • Thanks to high efficiency fans the power consumption is small
    • Reduces initial investment cost and operational costs of main heating systems as a result of energy recovery of exhausted air
  • Advantages

    • Compact design for easy application
    • Filter reminder
    • Fault indicator
    • Comfort temperature
    • Summer bypass
    • User friendly control system
    • Low noise
    • SAP Appendix Q Approved
    • CE Certified
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