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AquaPRO "A" Rated RS25/6 EAA Circulating Pump

  • Technical Data

    Voltage Single Phase, 220-240V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Isolation Class


    Fluid Temperature Limits -10°C to 110°C
    Max. Working Pressure 10 Bar
    Min. Working Pressure 0.05 Bar at 50°C
    Temperature Working Range -10°C to 95°C
    Waterproof Rating IP44
    Pump Weight 2.3 Kg

    A = 130mm | B = 123mm |

    C = 88mm

    Speed Min - Max (manual or auto)
    Head (meters) 6m (must be manually set)
    Power Consumption 5 - 45 Watts

    Energy saving mode, min to max


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