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HYDRA Filtration TRIO Unit Complete - 1" Connections


HYDRA Filtration TRIO Unit Complete

  • Housing Specifications

    HYDRA RAINMASTER DUO CB/EC - the flow master: Designed to perform high water flow with low pressure drop

    • Max flow rate at 3bar: 5700 l/h
    • Max pressure drop at max flow rate: 1.5bar

    IN/OUT Threads: 1/2", 3/4" or 1"

    Filtration: 1

    CB/EC - treatment cartridge: Activated carbon block with final filtration at 10 micron

    Remark: CB/EC carbon block element is manufactured with exclusive/propietary technology to reduce global greenhouse effects

    1. RAH - Stainless steel net cartridge at 90 micron
    2. RLH - Plastic net cartridge at 90 micron
    3. RSH - pleated plastic net cartridge at 50 micron


    Head: Reinforced polypropylene

    Bowls: PET

    O-rings: EPDM

    Breather-valves: Body - Stainless Steel, O-ring - EPDM

    IN/OUT Threads: CW 614 N Brass inserts

    Cartridges Spring: Stainless Steel AISI 316-L

    Discharge Ball-valve: CW 614 N Brass

    Discharge Hose-holder: Nylon

    Drain Funnel: Reinforced polypropylene


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