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ICMA electrothermic actuator is an electric device with working current 230V or 24V to be installed on thermostatic valves in heating and cooling systems.


Working Characteristics:

Once ICMA electrothermic actuator is installed on any of ICMA thermostatic valves, the shutter automatically slides down to close the valve.


When the actuator receives an inlet current 230V or 24V, the thermoelectric element inside the actuators slides up its plastic spindle and opens the thermostatic valve fully.


When unplug the imput voltage, the shutter automatically slides down to fully close the valve.


The electrothermic actuators with microswitch inside, when reached closed position, unplug the electric supply at the working user (circulation pump, electric starter).



Remove protection cap from the thermostatic valve.


  • Install locking device on the valve included in the box, according to the type of thread on the thermostatic valve.
  • Push the electrothermic actuator on the locking device and match the dowels present on the actuators locking ring.
  • While keeping the actuator firmly pushed on the locking ring, rotate clockwise up to the locking position. To remove the electrothermic actuator simply rotate it anti-clockwise.


How to wire an ICMA Actuator with auxiliary output

ICMA 2 Port Compression Motorised Valve (incl. actuator)

Artikelnummer: ICMO02
  • Technical Specifications

    Electric input 230V 50-60 Hz, 24V 50-60 Hz
    Absorbed power 2VA
    Inlet current 0.2A (230V), 0.3A (24V)
    Starting time stroking 90 seconds
    Actuator stroke 5mm
    ICMA valve stroke 3.5mm
    Dynamic strength 100N
    Max temperature 50°C
    Storage max temperature -25°C - 60°C
    IP class IP 66
    Mechanic assembling Thread nut M28 x 1.5 / M30 x 1.5
    Flameproof electric cable 2 x 0.5 / 4 x 0.35
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