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Manufactured of expanded polypropylene (EPP) insulation for POLAR BEAR heat exchangers is characterized by very high diffusion resistance.

It is also in 100% contaminant-free and recyclable.


Insulation to suit POLAR BEAR 3/4" Plate Exchanger Only (50KW) (SOPL01)

POLAR BEAR 3/4" EPP Plate Exchanger Insulation Only

  • Working Parameters

    Insulation material EPP (expanded polypropylene)
    Colour silver grey
    Thickness 28mm
    Thermal Conductivity 0,035W/mK (10°C)
    Max. Working Temperature +110 °C
    Flammability Class B2 acc. To DIN 4102, E acc. TO en 13501-1
    Weight 0,235 kg
    Density 45-55 kg/m3


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