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  • Our energy efficient manifolds save time and money.
  • This is the most flexible manifold system available in Europe. The manifolds are also self insulating and are therefore more efficient than your standard steel or brass manifold alternatives.
  • Simple to add additional circuits if required. Never get caught out on site with a fixed sectional manifold.
  • Double O-Ring seal between modules guarantees a perfect seal every time.

POLYFLOW Blue Return Module

  • Benefits

    • Lightweight and robust manifold made of reinforced polyamide
    • Ideal for heating and cooling
    • The easiest way to assemble a manifold: screw & lock
    • Installation without special tools
    • Slim design (80mm depth)
    • Modular: possibility to add or remove single modules
    • Safety first: integrated safety clips to assemble your manifold
    • Self-insulating, through integrated air chambers
    • All the components are sealed by double internal O-Rings
    • Reversible: left or right handed
    • Modules can be positioned facing up or down
    • Room labelling clips
    • Pre-mounted plastic brackets
    • 100% tightness test
    • Ready to connect and operate
    • Max 10 bar pressure
    • Max 95°C
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