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POLYFLOW Underfloor Composite Heating Manifold


Modular distribution manifold made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. The manifold is modular to be easily adapted to the length and number of connections they serve. The modification does not involve the use of special tools and can be done on site by simply locking or unlocking the individual modules of the manifold. The hydraulic seal is ensured by generous internal double

POLYFLOW Underfloor Composite Heating Manifold

  • Technical Data

    • lightweight & robust, made of reinforced polyamide

    • ideal for heating and cooling

    • installation without special tools

    • slim design (depth 80 mm)

    • modular: possibility to add and remove single modules

    • safety first: integrated safety clips for assembling

    • self-insulating through integrated air chambers

    • internal insulated pipe outlets

    • all the components are sealed by double O-rings

    • modules turnable up and down

    • room labeling clips

    • pre-mounted plastic brackets

    • 100% tightness test

    • ready to connect and operate

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