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PROFISPLIT 3 Macerator consists of a water collection unit, permanently fixed to one or more facilities discharging black [WC) or grey water and a second removable unit containing the macerating pump. This split system allows you to detach the pump half unit easily and hygienically without having to disconnect the toilet and the sewage discharge pipe section.


Compatible with:

  • any type of WC with a rear discharge
  • washing machine, dishwasher
  • laundry tub, shower tray, bath, sink, bidet etc.

more appliances can be also put in parallel on the same inlet


Ideal for:

  • situations in basements
  • loft conversions
  • en suite bathrooms
  • garage conversions etc.



PROFISPLIT 3 Macerator (complete unit)

Artikelnummer: MS0004
  • Advantages

    • Easy and clean
    • Can be installed anywhere
    • Saves time and money
    • Hidden piping
    • Multiple connection possibilites
    • No special maintenance requirements
    • Easy to service
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions [mm]

    270 x 450 x 175

    Power supply [Volt ac] 220 - 240
    Power [Watt] 1,000
    Electrical absorption 3A
    Frequency 50Hz
    Max. Elevation head 11 meter
    Max. Horizontal distance 90 meter
    Max. Capacity 277 l/min
    Sewage water temp. Max. of 70°C
    Pipe discharge size Ø [mm] 32 - 40mm
    Toilet inlet 1
    Other inlets 2
    Weight [kg] 10 kg
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