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REPA Boiler Sealer

REPA R 800 Boiler Sealer (1 litre)


    • Seals water loss of up to 800 litres per day
    • Applicable for use with steel, iron, copper and plastic and aluminium
    • Permanently seals a leak
    • Resistant to ageing
    • Resistant to pressure up to 10 Bar
    • Temperature resistant up to 1200°C
    • Resistant to chemicals
    • Non-toxic
    • Biodegradable
    • Unlimited storage life
    • Sensitive to frost

    Before using this product, make sure that the heating system has all chemicals removed. For example, if a different leak sealer has been tried out, this needs to be removed prior to using REPA. A chemical reaction may occur between two chemicals which could damage the heating system. Overdosing the heating system is preferable to under dosing when trying to fix a leak. For optimal performance of the product a power flushing of the entire heating system is preferable. Of course, this is not always an option. In this case put the REPA into the clean heating water and circulate it throughout the heating system by mean of the heating pump. REPA seals quicker when heated.

    When using REPA in an open vented heating system, firstly tie up the ball cock, empty the header feed tank. Pour the REPA into the empty header tank and release the ball valve washing the REPA down into the heating system.

    REPA should be flushed from your heating system approximately 3 weeks after sealing the leak. A good quality corrosion inhibitor should be put into the heating system to prevent further system degradation.

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