SANISPLIT/PROFISPLIT Macerator waste water transfer system is simple and straight forward. When a toilet is flushed, a pressure switch inside the macerator senses the flush and starts a very powerful macerator motor with a grinder, The macerator then liquefies the waste, and pumps it through a 32mm to 40mm ABS pipe into an existing sewage line elsewhere. Suction created by the motor draws waste into the unit. The uniquely molded blades prevents any material from getting clogged. The pump removes waste in less than 3 seconds.

SANISPLIT 3 Macerator (complete unit)

SKU: MS0001
    • Easy and clean
    • Can be installed anywhere
    • Saves time and money
    • Hidden piping
    • Multiple connection possibilities
    • No special maintenance requirements
    • Easy to service
  • Dimensions [mm]

    270 x 450 x 175

    Power supply [Volt ac] 220 - 240
    Power [Watt] 600
    Electrical absorption 3A
    Frequency 50Hz
    Max. Elevation head 11 meter
    Max. Horizontal distance 90 meter
    Max. Capacity 277 l/min
    Sewage water temp. Max. of 70°C
    Pipe discharge size Ø [mm] 32 - 40mm
    Toilet inlet 1
    Other inlets 2
    Weight [kg] 10 kg


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